Sheena Vaught is a filmmaker from southeastern North Carolina.  Growing up and having a passion for film and storytelling, Sheena earned a Film Studies degree from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she learned much about the history of cinema, production and film criticism.


Sheena's first film that she wrote, directed and composed was an experimental film entitled Water (2010). Sheena went on to direct two documentaries, Colestine (2011) and God In My Fingers, the latter still being a works-in-progress, screened at the Cucalorus Film Festival as well as the Cultural Spirit Online Film Festival. 


Having her heart set on narrative directing, Sheena pursued a career as a script supervisor, working on feature films such as Frat Brothers (2013), The Perfect Summer (2013) & Adrenaline (2015) to name a few.  As a script supervisor Sheena was able to learn first hand about film directing and is now writing and producing more short films to market herself as a viable director. Her first narrative project, titled The Fervent, completed filming in June 2016.  Sheena is currently in development for her newest project Scarlet Reign, set to film in 2018.