Avengers: Infinity War Review "A War to End All Wars"

This article was originally published on May 07, 2018 on Cinephile's former website.

To be honest I avoided the theater.  For some reason I had an instinct to what was to come.  Having been a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU, since 2008's Iron Man, and grown invested in the characters of the franchise, I knew that once I sat in the chair facing the big screen all chaos would ensue and I would be forever changed.

The title certainly lives up to it's name.  Avengers: Infinity War takes you on a nightmare-ish journey that leaves you wondering if it was all a dream?  We begin at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, 2017, Asgard is saved, but the cheery feeling we had by Ragnarok's end is obliterated in Infinity War's beginning.   The saved Asgardians from Hela's rage lay dead as Ebony Maw, one of Thanos' children, gives a soliloquy insinuating death by Thanos is their true salvation.  The haunting shrill of his voice echos and all you can think is "I am not prepared for what's about to happen."

From act one to the post-credit sequence, we are taken on a roller-coaster of emotions.  The worst case scenarios play out on screen and yet there is a balance of humanity and comic relief to get you through this painful ride.  I tip my hat to the Russo Brothers for their ability to tell such great stories within a story.  A boat load of characters make an appearance and they intersect at the right moments, bringing out great dialogue and action that never leaves this almost 3 hour space opera feeling dull or as if its dragging along.  

The patrons of the theater sat silent and the already chilly atmosphere makes one go ice cold at the film's climax.  Avengers: Infinity War is not for the faint of heart, the last minutes of this film will leave you breathless, make you question everything and make you go back in thought, to find clues in the story just witnessed in order to hope for a brighter future.     


5/5 Slates

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