Ocean's 8 Review: The Fragrance of Agenda

This article was originally published on June 11, 2018 on Cinephile's former website.

From every media outlet to all platforms social we have developed a consciousness in our society for the message of Girl Power, #MeToo and the #TimesUp movements.  To prove women are just as good as men, let's all buy our tickets as Hollywood ushers in the another wave of reboots featuring an all female cast.  The next installment up to bat is Ocean's 8.  Starring female A-listers who already make millions more than the average female and male citizens of this great nation;  I mean I guess greed can be disguised as advocacy?   

So let's talk about the film.  Ocean's 8 was good, it was fun, it was entertaining and it does not live up to the Soderbergh trilogy, except for Ocean's 13, 2007, this film is far more superior.  Watching the film I felt like Deborah Ocean's, Sandra Bullock, journey mirrored that of her brother Daniel Ocean, George Clooney, from the Ocean's 11, 2001, remake.  They were both released from prison, meet up with old thief pals, propose a difficult heist, gather the crew, the reason for the heist is revealed (an old love interest,) they practice and execute the heist with success.  Where 8 falls short of 11 is that 11 was successful in creating a look, tone and overall interesting characters.  Steven Soderbergh's auteurism in his films and his presence as the filmmaker is on every frame of his compositions; it's evident that Soderbergh was not the artist painting the on this canvas.

I was not expecting a mimic of the Soderbergh film.  I was expecting a fresh take on movie idea that dates back to the 1960s.  So to be taken seriously, be original, do it better and please don't be copycats.  Oh and maybe next time choose a female director, you know, to add some consistency to the message for women's rights. 

3/5 Slates

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